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Open Educational Resources for Students: Additional Info

How to Access & Print OERs

OERs are available online. The first day of class, instructors will provide a link to the resource. You can bookmark the link on your phone or computer for easy access. Many OERs can be downloaded so you can save a copy to your device and access it offline. OERs are about ease of access. The more students that can access them, the better.

Access Offline

Students can save it to their computer to access offline or save it on their phone or tablet. Several apps are available that allow students to annotate and save pdfs. Apps are available for iPhone and droid users that allow students to save and annotate pdfs. iphone 

Print an OER 

Since OERs are openly licensed, students are free to print off portions or even the entire resource if they like. However, printing isn’t free, so students do have to pay for cost of paper and ink, but it is often less expensive than a traditional commercial textbook. For large print jobs, the library recommends printing from a desktop rather than a smart phone. Learn more about Library printing services. 

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