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Open Educational Resources for Students: Student Involvement

Textbook Spending

How much did you spend on textbooks this semester?
$200 or less: 1 votes (100%)
$300 or less: 0 votes (0%)
$400 or less: 0 votes (0%)
more than $401: 0 votes (0%)
Total Votes: 1

Get Involved

Ways to get involved 

Students, you can make a difference! Here are some resources to help you advocate for affordable resources at Tarleton.

  • OER Student Toolkit - This toolkit provides information on how interested student societies/associations as well as individual students can successfully advocate for greater OER adoption on campus.
  • Student Government Toolkit  – From the Open Textbook Alliance, this toolkit provides information and ideas about how students can advocate for
  • Open Textbook Handout  - A handout from Open Textbook Alliance describing the problem of rising textbook costs and a brief introduction to OERs (pictured below)
  • Open Textbook handout for Faculty - A more detailed handout from Open Textbook Alliance that provides information about rising textbook costs, an introduction to OERs, and frequently asked questions about open textbook