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Open Educational Resources for Faculty: OER Resources

Learning About OER

These are resources intended to help faculty better understand how to create, evaluate, remix, and adopt OERs. These resources also provide information on ensuring the accessibility of open resources.

Free OER Course by DigiTex

Take the Texas Learn OER course by DigiTex offers a free introductory course to OER. The modules cover basic OER information finding and adapting resources, ensuring accessibility, open licensing, and anything else you made need to get started. 


The 5 R's of OER


Resources can be combined with other resources to create new resources. For example, an instructor can find several OERs and take chapters or sections from each to create a new resource. 


Resources can be modified, adapted, or translated. For example, localized case studies can be added to a resource. It can be edited to reflect more current information, or new material can be added to better cover a particular topic. 


Resources can be used again and again every semester. Students do not have to pay any subscription or recurring fees to access the materials. 


Resources that an instructor uses, remixes, or revises can be shared with students, co-workers, administrators, and the broader public. Resources can be printed, downloaded, or accessed on multiple devices. 


Students get access to materials the first day of class and they never lose access. The materials are freely available online and students can access them after the class ends to after graduation and beyond.