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Academic Writer database: Your #1 Resource for Help with APA Writing Style

Academic Writer is the most current up-to-date source for information on APA Writing Style. It is authored by the APA (American Psychological Association), making it a primary resource on APA writing style.

Academic Writer is made up of three centers: Learn Center, Reference Center, and Write Center. The Learn Center is accessible through the libraries' webpage. Create your own personal account to access the Reference Center and Write Center. Use this database, found within the Databases A-Z, to help you master all your APA Writing Style questions.

The Three Centers of Academic Writer

Use the Learn Center to quickly and easily find answers to your questions through Quick Guides and Tutorials. Use sample papers and sample references as a guide for writing your own papers.  Learn proper APA format and citation through examples, sample tables, and sample figures.

Log in to your personal account to access the the Reference Center. Through the Reference Center you may generate a variety of references from references for journal articles, books, websites, social media, legal resources, to over 115 other types. After the reference is created, you may add it to your list of saved references for future access. Note: Always keep another personal, separate copy of your references to ensure accessibility at all times.

Log in to your personal account to use the Write Center.  Use the Write Center as a place to write your paper. Peruse the paper types to find the correct style for your assignment, then use the selected type to write your paper. Use tools found within this Center to add references and in-text citations to your paper. Note: Always keep a personal, separate copy of your paper for immediate access at all times.

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How to Find Reliable Sources

Learn how to find reliable sources to use in your academic papers, including how to search for sources, evaluate sources, and organize sources with a reference management system.

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