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Music: Music Education Test Prep

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Pedagogy & Professional Responsibilities EC-12 (160) Resources

TExES Music EC-12 (177) Information

Additional Notes:

Theory Review
Use your textbook to quickly review each chapter. Since you know all the content in chapter 1, you will quickly move to chapter 2 and so on. The goal is to find, identify, and fix “holes in knowledge.”
History Review
Referring to your textbooks, make sure that you can name the composers, characteristics, genres, instrumentation, etc. within each era. Review instruments and other elements of World Music.
Music Education Review
Review your textbooks and notes from classes in elementary music, conducting, choral + band methods, instrumental methods, diction, orchestration, etc.

Test Prep Services for Music Content (177) and PPR (160)

The following resources are websites with items that can be individually purchased as additional study prep materials.

Certify Teacher - Interactive Practice Tests - Prepare for the TExES Exam

Mometrix Test Preparation - TExES Flashcards Study System

Mometrix Test Preparation - TExES Secrets Study Guide


Many thanks to Dr. Vicky Johnson for providing the basis of the resources and notes listed on this page, as well as Dr. Floyd Richmond for recommending the creation of this to help our student educators.